Confidentiality, Cookies and Data Privacy Policy

Confidentiality, Cookies and Data Privacy Policy

We, Eigenmann & Veronelli Kimyasal Tic. Ve San. A.Ş., take special care about protecting your personal data; we are sensitive to the utmost about privacy. In line with this, our company puts great importance on process and retaining individuals’ personal Information; that includes information from people who use our products and services according to the Privacy Act ("KVK Law"). We process your personal data with full acknowledgment of our responsibility and within the capacity of "Data Supervisor", as defined in the Privacy Act, within the limits stipulated by the legislation, and as described in what follows.

We, Eigenmann & Veronelli Kimyasal Tic. Ve San. A.Ş., respect your concerns about the privacy of your personal data; we value our relationship with you. This Confidentiality, Cookies and Data Privacy Policy ("Policy") applies  only to data that can be accessed via Eigenmann & Veronelli websites, web pages, interactive features, applications, widgets, blogs, and related contents, as well as to data collected through Twitter, Facebook or other social networking sites and related contents (collectively, "Sites").

This Policy defines the types of personal data collected through these sites and the how this data is used, and/or the parties with whom such data can be shared. Additionally, this Policy also defines the way that you contact us to update your contact information, to access your personal data that are collected in connection with marketing communications and activities and to control their use, or to find answers to your questions about our privacy as it applies to these sites. Please read this Policy carefully: it stipulates that you will approve that you have acknowledged and accepted the provisions of this Policy when using these Sites. Furthermore, please review our Terms and Conditions, which manage your use of the Sites and the content you send to these Sites. 

Your personal data can be collected either automatically or not; that may vary depending on the services provided by our company and the commercial activities of our company, either by oral, written, or electronic means through our company units and offices, affiliated companies, Internet site, social media channels, mobile applications, and similar means. Your personal data shall be created, updated, and processed as far as you utilize the products and services of our company and group companies.

I. Cookies

Like many other companies, Eigenmann & Veronelli use "cookies" and similar tools in the Sites to increase the company’s performance and to upgrade the user experience.

What are Cookies? 

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your device. These cookies assist analysis of your web traffic and web applications, enabling us to respond you as an individual. Cookies can be adjusted according to your needs, such as the things you like and dislike, by collecting and remembering data about your web application preferences. These cookies may include personal data; for example, if you click the "Remember me" option when you log in, the cookie might save your user name. Most cookies do not collect personal data that enables acquisition of personal identification data; rather, they collect general information about how the user accessed our Site, the way that the Site was used, or the approximate location of the user.

Why do we use cookies?

Eigenmann & Veronelli may upload cookies or similar files to your device for the purposes of security and to remind you whether you have visited this Site previously, to remember your language preference if you are a new user, or to facilitate your browsing on this Site and to personalize your browsing experiences in our Sites. Cookies help us to collect data about browser type, the time spent in our Sites, the pages visited, and information about navigation in the Site. Furthermore, they enable us to select which of our advertisements or offers might be attractive to you; and we then display them when you visit our Sites. Cookies can improve your online experience by saving your preferences when you visit a certain site. Generally, cookies enable us to ascertain which pages you’ve found helpful or not so that we can offer you a better Site. In no way do cookies provide access to any other data other than the information you and your device confirms that you agreed to share it with us.

What kind of Cookies do we use?

In general, the cookies used in the Sites can be classified as follows:

·         Session Cookies

These cookies are used in each "session" you visit the Site and expire as soon as or a short time later when you log out. These cookies are not saved permanently on your device, do not include personal data, and help to decrease the need to transfer personal data to the Internet. These cookies can be deleted or their use can be disabled; however, this will reduce the performance the Sites and will limit your user experience. Furthermore, these cookies also use time stamps that save your access time and log-out time in the Sites.

·         Tracking Cookies

These cookies enable us to recognize loyal visitors to our Sites. A tracking cookie is matched with a randomly created no-name identifier and preserves the record for each use of our Site with reference to the user’s location, which search engine the user may use, which link/s have been clicked, which keywords have been used, and from which location the user accessed the Site. Through keeping track of these data, we can improve our Sites.

·         Persistent Cookies

This type of cookie is saved on your device for a fixed period (sometimes for an hour, but perhaps for a few years or more) and is not deleted when you close your browser. Persistent cookies are used when we need to remember you for more than one session. For example, this kind of cookie is used to save your preferences, so that when you re-visit the Site, these choices are remembered.

·         Performance Cookies and Analytic Cookies

Performance Cookies are used to analyze how the Sites are used and to track their performance; they enable improving your usage experience. These cookies enable us to adjust the Site to display the contents that have been found interesting by the Site users and to determine the cause of any technical problems encountered related to the Sites. We may also use these data to prepare reports that will help us to analyze how the Sites are used, what the most common problems are, and how the Sites can can be improved.

Is it possible to block the Cookies?

You may choose to accept or decline the cookies. Most web browsers automatically accept cookies, but you can change the settings of your browser to decline cookies. If you do not want to accept cookies, many browsers will allow you to do the following: (i) you may change the settings of your browser to notify you whenever a cookie is received so that you can accept or decline; (ii) disable any current cookies; or (iii) to adjust your browser to automatically decline cookies. However, if you choose to disable or decline cookies, please remember that some features and services in our Sites will not operate properly because Eigenmann & Veronelli will not recognize you and associate you with the features of the Site. Furthermore, the offers within your fields of interest we provide when you visit the Site might not be presented to you.

II. Confidentiality and Data Privacy Policy


The Information You Give Us

Unless otherwise indicated, generally you can visit the Sites without providing your personal Information. However, there may some situations when it is necessary to identify you personally (name, home address, phone number, credit card data, or your e-mail address ("personal data")) that require you to provide that data–or you may choose to provide your personal data. For example, when you log in to the Sites, you can ask for information, you might procure a product, you might send your CV, you can make a comment or participate in a promotion, survey, or other features of the Sites. Alternately, you can contact us or interact with us using another way; Eigenmann & Veronelli may collect your personal data. Sites also may require you to provide information such as demographic data (gender, postal code, age, etc.) or about your preferences, product use, and fields of interest. If we combine the demographic and other data we have collected about you with any other of your personal data, we shall treat such data in compliance with law, your previous preferences, and as personal data if and whenever the laws require. If you do not want your personal data processed by us, please do not send them, or request them to be deleted whenever you wish to do so.

Data Collected by Automatic Tools

Each time you visit the Sites or each time you interact with the Sites, Eigenmann & Veronelli may use various technologies that automatically or passively collect information about how you have accessed and used the Site ("usage data"). Browser type, operation system, visited pages, time, number of users visiting the page, and previously viewed pages can be part of what is included in the usage data. Usage data are statistical data that provide information to us about the use of the Sites, such as the number of visitors visiting a specific page, duration of visit on that page, and the links clicked (if any). These usage data help us to keep the Sites updated and interesting for our visitors and to adjust the contents based on the fields of interest of the visitors to the Sites. Usage data generally are not personal identifiers; however, Eigenmann & Veronelli will treat these data as personal data if it associates these data with you as a specific and identifiable person.

While collecting the usage data, Eigenmann & Veronelli may also collect your IP address or another unique identifier for your device ("Device Identifier"). The device Identifier is a number that is automatically assigned when you access a web site or server and our computers recognize your device based on this Device Identifier. When you visit the Sites, we can display your Device Identifier. We use this data to determine the general physical location of your device and to understand from which part of the world visitors visit the Site. Furthermore, we may use this personal data to improve the Sites.

The technologies that are used to collect usage data, including Device Identifiers, may include cookies.


Eigenmann & Veronelli uses personal data and usage data collected through its website for various business purposes. For example: to respond your questions and requests; to enable you to access specific fields and features of the Site; to verify your identification; to contact you related to any changes in Eigenmann & Veronelli policies at our sole discretion in line with your account and your action in the Sites; to personalize any contents, advertisements, and offers we provide you; to send you samples, awards, products, and information; to improve the Sites, to develop new products and services; to enable applications and perform transactions and use of your personal data within the sequence for the disclosed intention you have provided or for any others you have permitted.


We will not share your personal data with third parties without your permission, with exceptions for the conditions provided in this Policy statement. Any non-personal data such as mass user statistics, demographic data, and usage data may be shared with third parties. We may share your personal data with third parties who are rendering services on our behalf. We may share your personal data or usage data with third-party companies or persons who are making transactions on our behalf (or our business partners) to meet your requirements, to offer you various features, services, and materials through the Sites, and to respond your questions. Other third parties who accommodate or operate our Sites, who analyze the data; who render customer services; who send product samples or manage the payments; advertisers, sponsors, or other third parties that participate or manage our promotions, or who perform marketing or promotion services.

If You Have Accepted Sharing Your Personal Data.

You are provided with the option to give permission to share your personal data with third parties to receive any information and/or marketing offer, or to share them in another way while you are visiting our Sites. If you give us permission to share your personal data, your personal data will be disclosed to third parties and your disclosed personal data will be subject to the Confidentiality Policy of the third party to which they are disclosed.

Business Purpose Transfers.

If you have given permission, your personal data will be used essentially for the business purposes and operational objectives mentioned herein, or may be shared with our subsidiaries, affiliates, and in the group of companies of Eigenmann & Veronelli that are under control of Eigenmann & Veronelli. If any company takes over our company or our assets either wholly or partially, personal data we have collected about the Site users and other information may be disclosed to the mentioned party within the scope of valuation studies and may be transferred to that party as one of the transferred assets. If such a sale or transfer is in force, we will stipulate a condition that the transferee shall use the transferred personal data and usage data in compliance with this Policy.

You may request us not to share your personal data (collected either online or offline) with our subsidiaries and to not use them for the purpose of marketing. Please notify your preference to us by contacting us as mentioned in the “Contact Us" section of this Policy.


Eigenmann & Veronelli may acquire your Personal Data or usage data from third parties. For example; while you are visiting other web sites if you prefer Eigenmann & Veronelli to contact you, that website will send your e-mail address and other personal data to us; by this means we shall be able to contact you as you require. Furthermore, you may also choose to permit a third-party application or feature in Facebook or Twitter that will let us collect information about you, including your personal data (or to let the third party collect and share them), and you may choose the option to participate in a similar application or feature in the third party's website through the data for which you gave permission.

We may add the other data we have acquired from third parties to the personal data we have collected through the Sites to enhance our capacity of rendering services to you, to make our contents available for you, and to offer you the opportunity to procure products or services that we think you may be interested in. We may combine these personal data that we have acquired from third parties with the personal data we have collected through Sites. In such cases, unless otherwise indicated, this Policy will also apply to the data we have acquired from others.


You may also always instruct us through the afore-mentioned channels not to share your personal data with third parties, not to use your personal data for the purpose to give you information, to make an offer to you, or not to send you bulletins, e-mails or other communications: (i) you can send an e-mail to; (ii) you can send a post to the postal address of Kozyatağı Bayar Caddesi, Şehit Mehmet Öngül Sokak Bağdatlıoğlu Plaza, No: 3/3 Kadıköy - Istanbul (Turkey); or (iii) by following the deletion instructions given in the communication you have received. Eigenmann & Veronelli does not require any fee for this service and your cancellation instruction shall be put into process within 10 to 15 business days after the date it was received.
If you wish to verify, correct, or update your personal data collected through the Sites, please contact us at the above-mentioned postal address or e-mail address. Based on our routine recording procedure, we may delete some records including your personal data that are sent through the Sites. We have no commitment to keep such personal data for an indefinite term, and we disclaim any responsibility that may arise as a result of deletion of such personal data or any responsibility that may arise in relation thereto.


Sites may accommodate any links to other websites that are not owned or operated by us. Advertisers', sponsors' or partners' links who are permitted to use our logo/logos in compliance with the common brand agreement are included among these links. If any of the websites for which a link is provided are not a part of Eigenmann & Veronelli, such web sites or their contents, products, services, or their confidentiality policies or applications cannot be controlled, suggested or supported by us, and we have no responsibility concerning them. Such websites may send their own cookies to your devices, may collect data independently or request personal data, and may have their own confidentiality policies. Furthermore, you need to assess the reliability of any web sites that pretend or assert to be one of our Sites (including the ones providing links through e-mail or social media pages).


We utilize some administrative, technical, and physical protection tools to assist us to prevent loss, misuse or unauthorized access, disclosure, modification, or deletion of your personal data.


This Policy and other policies in the Sites may be updated from time to time without any notice to you, and revised policies shall be in force as soon as these updates are announced in the Sites. However, unless you give permission for the new or revised Policy, we will continue to use your personal data in compliance with the Policy that was in force at the time when you gave that permission. We will announce an easily observable notice on the Sites to inform you of particular changes in our policies and will notify you of the last update time on the top of that Policy notice.


Please contact us if you have any questions or comments related to this policy:

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Us: Eigenmann & Veronelli Kimyasal Tic. Ve San. A.Ş.
To the attention of: ​Kozyatağı Bayar Caddesi, Şehit Mehmet Öngül Sokak
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