Developing products and services that quickly drive value for our suppliers and customers can be a challenging task, but it is one that we accept with passion and professionalism. We support our partners by managing the complexities of the market and helping to drive innovation while creating continuous, sustainable value across the supply chain.

Distribution & Agency

Eigenmann & Veronelli’s extensive experience in the sale, marketing and distribution of fine chemicals, specialty chemicals and performance products provides the basis for the long-term relationships we build with our principals and customers.

Our expansive geographic footprint, combined with the on-the-ground expertise of our regional consultants, enables us to provide personalized support to our principals across various global markets. By employing this “glocal” approach, we provide an optimal sales channel through which chemical producers can support customers in markets around the world, drawing on our in-depth knowledge of local regulations and other region-specific considerations.

Toll Manufacturing - Third-Party Production

As the trend toward outsourcing continues to rise across the chemical industry, there is a corresponding need for highly capable manufacturing partners with the specialized equipment, technology and expertise to produce high-quality products at optimal efficiency. Eigenmann & Veronelli is able to guarantee this through our facilities, proven record of quality and compliance, and our intimate knowledge of markets.

To meet the outsourcing needs of principals across the various sectors we serve, Eigenmann & Veronelli provides laboratories and manufacturing facilities for third party production. Located in northern and central Italy, these facilities offer a platform to help expand your product portfolio with the support of a reliable partner.

Analytical Laboratories

Eigenmann & Veronelli provides formulation and analytical development services for customers across a range of markets from analytical laboratories in Italy and in Spain. Our laboratories are led by qualified and experienced technicians who work in close collaboration with principals’ R&D departments to carry out comparisons, share new application opportunities and support the formulation of innovative, effective products.

Distribution & Logistics

As a producer and distributor of fine chemicals and performance products, Eigenmann & Veronelli serves both ends of the chemical supply chain, leveraging our expansive distribution network to ensure the safe, efficient and on-time delivery of your materials.

A network of local warehouses, owned in part by Eigenmann & Veronelli, operate to the highest standards of security and quality, allowing us to provide comprehensive logistics coverage in worldwide markets. This network, combined with our flexible logistics capabilities and reliable third party providers, allows us to provide a highly efficient service that can be customized according to customer needs.

B2B Integration

With a goal of optimizing processes and reducing costs, Eigenmann & Veronelli offers business-to-business integration for suppliers via Elemica, a leading digital supply network connecting process manufacturers with suppliers, as well as point-to-point. Through these partnerships, we strive to provide a seamless engagement that eliminates risk and inefficiencies in the chemical supply chain.