As a socially responsible business rooted in family values, Eigenmann & Veronelli believes in creating both value and long-term sustainability for our stakeholders, which include principals, suppliers, customers, collaborators, banks and, consequently, shareholders.

In support of good and responsible management, the company complies with all applicable laws, the Code of Ethics outlined below, our own internal regulations and, in Italy,  the "231 Organizational Model" (Legislative Decree 231/2001). We invite our interlocutors to comply with us.

The Code of Ethics is one of the tools of corporate social responsibility for the promotion of good behavior practices.

Notifications to the Supervisory Body (ODV) can be sent to the  mailing address :

Supervisory Body at Eigenmann & Veronelli S.p.A. Via della Mosa 6 - Rho (MI) 20017- Italy